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Chess Equipment - Products


We produce a wide range of chess bags in numerous colours to accommodate chess pieces, chess boards and chess clocks. All the bags have been designed for durability, are washable and are of the drawstring type for long-life. Our chess bags offer space for branding and promotional messaging. Presently we produce 7 different colour bags.

Chess Boards

Chess Equipment produces Wooden Chess Boards and Superior non-curl Vinyl roll-up tournament chess boards; in black and white, blue and white, and brown and white in Vinyl. All chess boards are printed for notation and the squares are 50mm. 

Chess Clocks

Chess Equipment specialise in supplying imported top of the range chess clocks and timers for school, club and chess tournament use. DGT digital chess clocks carry a two year warranty and are the industry standard for chess clocks. The traditional BHB Turnier manual clock remains the standard for a long life and robust chess clock for schools and clubs.


We are the pioneers of the one metre square chess coaching board with 10cm squares enabling new chess players easy viewing and participation in chess demonstrations and instruction. Two versions are available - the powder coated folding steel type and the more portable vinyl roll-up version. We also produce our own 40 game spiral bound chess notation pad.

Complete Chess Sets

We offer long-life chess sets comprising of Staunton tournament chess pieces together with the standard tournament roll-up chess board and chess carry bag for both. There are also a wide range of coloured chess pieces available, coloured chess boards and chess bags. Our four player set with four colours, board and bag has proved to be fun teaching aid for the game of chess.

Novelty Chess Items

Chess Equipment strives to remain in the forefront in bringing new, relevant and fun novelty chess items to the market. Chess necklaces, chess earrings, chess neck pens and fun badges are current items available.

Pieces Individual Chess Pieces

Our chess pieces are locally produced to stringent manufacturing standards that ensure quality and long-life. Apart from black / white and black / ivory sets, we offer 15 different coloured 1/2 chess sets used in chess coaching and with our four player chess set. The height of the king is 85mm. Availability and continuity of supply are assured in obtaining replacement pieces if lost or mislaid.

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